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Welcome to the CCLA website!

Play the CCLA Way!
CCLA is dedicated to real people with real names playing real chess with real talent!
  • Play against real opponents with official chess ratings in an internationally recognized organization
  • Play serious chess in a friendly volunteer-oriented organization
  • Play against people not chess engines
  • Play using the ICCF webserver or by mail, whichever you prefer.

You are invited to join CCLA. Please be aware that CCLA players use their real names instead of aliases, and that CCLA has a "no computer engine usage policy" in determining moves.

Membership Renewal

CCLA memberships have been reduced for 2014!  U.S. and Canada annual memberships are now $20 US with printed magazine, or $12 US if sent by email. Foreign dues are $19 US with email magazine. If not using PayPal, send payments to: CCLA, P.O. Box 142, Livingston, NJ 07039-0142

New Memberships, Renewal Memberships, Entry Fees
If payment using PayPal: Join CCLA! Renewal Page Enter online
If payment not using PayPal: Join CCLA! Renewal Page Enter online

CCLA Server Chess

CCLA HAS OPENED A SECOND WEB SITE, DEDICATED SPECIFICALLY TO CCLA SERVER CHESS: This site contains CCLA server results, ratings and rules. Grand Prix results will be updated monthly. News updates on major CCLA tournament results will be highlighted. Content will be changed frequently on the homepage to keep you up-to-date on tournament progress, and status updates shown on how close we are to filling sections. The homepage includes a link to a new blog "Chess on the Server" at Check it out, register, and add your thoughts to the blog. Games will be highlighted with a PGN viewer so you can play through a game right from your browser. We plan to build a database of as many CCLA games as we can, so please submit your best games to

SERVER Annual Events


There are two seasonal tournaments, the Winter Server Series and the Summer Server Series. Entry fee $6 per section, multiple entries permitted. One round. No prizes. Entrants grouped by rating. Players paired as either a 7-player single round robin, or as a 4-, 5- or 6-player double-round robin. Total number of games played is six to ten, depending on number of entrants and pairing option. Entry deadline: (Winter Series): Jan 15.
Entry deadline: (Summer Series): July 15.


This is a one or two round event depending on the number of entrants. There are five rating classes: Master/Expert, A, B, C and D. Classes C and D may be combined, depending on the number of entrants. Each winner of a round one section and all players scoring 75% or better advance to the final round of their class. First place prize $20. Entry fee $8. Pairings may be single round robin or double round robin, depending on number of entrants in a class.
Entry deadline: April 15.


This is an annual tournament consisting of the eleven highest-rated CCLA applicants, paired as a single round robin (one game against each opponent). Prizes: First place $50, second place $25 and third place $10. Entry fee $10.
Entry deadline:: Jan 15.

Updates on Postal Events
(events in progress)
29th CCLA (CLUB) CHAMPIONSHIP - H30019For a progress report, click HERE
28th CCLA (CLUB) CHAMPIONSHIP - H20019For a progress report, click HERE
27th CCLA (CLUB) CHAMPIONSHIP - H10019For a progress report, click HERE
CCLA TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP XVIII (NTC 18) For a progress report, click HERE

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