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Play the CCLA Way
CCLA is dedicated to real people with real names playing real chess with real talent!
  • Play against real opponents with official chess ratings in an internationally recognized organization
  • Play serious chess in a friendly volunteer-oriented organization
  • Play against people not chess engines
  • Play using the ICCF webserver or by mail, whichever you prefer.

You are invited to join CCLA. Please be aware that CCLA players use their real names instead of aliases, and that CCLA has a "no computer engine usage policy" in determining moves.

New Memberships, Renewal Memberships, Entry Fees
Payment using PayPal: Join CCLA! Renewal Page Enter online
Payment by check / money order: Join CCLA! Renewal Page Enter online

Updates on Postal Events (events in progress)
31st CCLA (CLUB) CHAMPIONSHIP - H50019For a progress report, click HERE
30th CCLA (CLUB) CHAMPIONSHIP - H40019For a progress report, click HERE
29th CCLA (CLUB) CHAMPIONSHIP - H30019For a progress report, click HERE
CCLA TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP XVIII (NTC 18) For a progress report, click HERE

CCLA Server Chess

In 2012, CCLA CREATED A SECOND WEB SITE DEDICATED SPECIFICALLY TO CCLA SERVER CHESS: Are you a new chess player? We offer a comprehensive beginners' section, including how to play chess, official FIDE rules, definitions, basic checkmates, tactics and endgames. This site displays CCLA server results, ratings and Grand Prix contest points updated monthly. All World Correspondence Chess Championship games are available for download and in a PGN viewer so you can play through games right from your browser. Please submit your best games and material for publication to the CCLA's blog "Chess on the Server" is linked below. You may register, or post anonymously and add your thoughts to the blog.

12 / 31 / 2016
RatingNr. of 
ClassPlayers  %
Master  6813.0
Class A10520.0
Class B10820.6
Class C  6312.0
Class D  6011.5
Class E  1703.2

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